Wednesday, 22 June 2016

The Ear

It is always amazing to me how you can communicate with people even when you are not able to speak the language fluently. I find this even more when talking to artists . Yesterday I visited an exhibition of art by local artists or a local art club.  I did enjoy the experience if if I was not inspired by what I saw. It was not the kind of art that I paint but was happy to see art alive and well in a little village in France.

I spoke with the two ladies in charge of the exhibition and conveyed my pleasure to them. I tried to say that some of the art was obviously inspired by the master, Van Gogh. I found myself tugging at my ear and believe it or not they got my meaning. 

I left having enjoyed seeing the work. Then I smiled as I remembered another story about a man with bandages on his ear.

The man arrived at his work with both his ears bandaged. His boss looked at him and asked, " what happened to you?

He explained he was ironing his shirt for work and the phone answered it by putting the iron to my ear.

The boss looked at him again and asked why he had two ears bandaged? 

"Well I did have to call the doctor," says the worker.

Enough said, we all do silly things especially in the name of art. 

Have a good day. Very warm here as I write this so heading off to the sea for a swim. 

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