Monday, 21 March 2016

The Biscuit.

The Categorical Imperative.

I was very pleasantly surprised to have so many messages yesterday telling me that friends go a laugh at my little stories of the things children say. 

I could be tempted to put together a collection of those. 

I remember when not far from my parish there was a well known Scottish biscuit manufacturer. A large number of females were employed in this factory. 

One of my church members was a teacher in the local school. It was not a wealthy area and there was a lot of real poverty around. This teacher was concerned about one of her pupils. 

This pupil was not from a wealthy family, far from it, and yet every morning she appeared in class with a well known biscuit for her morning coffee break. This teacher wondered how to say in a nice way that she had to stop.  After some discussion the words to say were agreed.

The teacher said to the pupil in a very kind way to tell her mother that she was very grateful for her kindness but that she really should not be spending money on her.

The next day the pupil came in and handed her the biscuit. The teacher looked at her, "It is alright the pupil said. My mum brings them out in her knickers."

A very honest little seven year old told her mother that on the way home from Sunday School, Billy Williams had kissed her.

"How did that happen?" the concerned mother ready to head off to the home of Billy to complain. 

"It wasn't easy," said the seven year old, "but three girls helped me to catch him."

After a children's story based on the Ten Commandments and explains what we meant by honour your father and mother. I think it must have been "Mothers Day."

One little girl asked, "Is there a commandment that teaches us how to treat our brothers and sisters?" A young lad before a word could be spoken shouted out, "Thou shalt not kill."

 Last for today.  A young lad had gone to visit the girl who lived a few doors away from him. The girl had told them her cat had just given birth to three kittens.

On returning home the boy was excited and was telling his mother about seeing them. He told her, "There were three kittens, two boys and one girl."  The mother asked, "How did you know that?"

He replied, "Jane's Dad picked them up and looked underneath,I think its printed on the bottom."

Have a good day as usual. Smile. Such open honesty is marvellous. 

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