Friday, 25 March 2016

Making a Noise!

The Silent Warrior Waits.

It seems my stories are enjoyed here, yet when I tell them to my friends they just look at me and wonder if I have lost the plot.  I know that as I remember them and on some occasions see the faces of those involved that I find myself smiling and feeling better .

So I have one or two more to share with you this morning.  I have much to do today so this will be a little bit shorter and for that I apologise. 

I have to begin with this little story that had my friends smiling yesterday.

We now have an age of people that seem to find humour in ways that I would never find funny and in some cases cannot understand. One such way is the giving of moonies. Last summer a family were on holiday at a beach resort. As they were heading down to the beach a group of young people drove past.

One of the girls in the back seat of the car thought it would be very funny to stand up and drop her shorts and show her bottom to the world. 

The mother looked at her son, he turned and without thought said to her, "Look mum that girl is not wearing her seat belt!" 

Now that I do find amusing.

A family had been invited to a wedding. They were a family that did not attend church so the two children were a bit unfamiliar with what was expected in the building.

The brother and sister were sitting together between their parents. The four year old began to sing and giggle out loud.

His older sister told hime to be quiet, "You are not supposed to talk out loud in church," she told him

"Why who is going to stop me?" he asked.

His sister pointed to the back of the church and said, "Do you see those two men standing at the door? They are called Hushers."

 Another about making a noise in church.

It was during the first prayer of the church service. This prayer is the prayer of confession where the minister directs the thoughts of the congregation to the past week and where they might have fallen short of the ideals of Christianity. As a minister I use to have a short time of silence and reflection during this prayer.

Just as theme of silence began young Ian sitting with his mother began to whistle loud whistling noises. His mother was to say the least annoyed. Later I learned that when she asked him why he was doing that she got a surprising answer.

He said, " I was praying to God to teach me how to whistle like John can, and just then God answered my prayer and showed me how to."

Now there you go is that not some food for thought to start your day. 

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