Saturday, 26 March 2016

The Haircut

Summer Days and Peace.

Can I begin with an apology to those I know who read this blog even morning. During the next week or so my time of posting may not be as consistent , I am going to be living in my motorhome for the next week and life in the motorhome is far from the usual routine. 

I recently went to the barbers and had a haircut. No big deal I can hear you saying, most people do that on a very regular basis. Well, the last time I had mine cut I was in France and it was June of last year. So the haircut I just had, was a big loss to me, and I am still feeling the cold around my ears and neck.

I tell you this because I was reminded of the story of the ministers son. I was watching a quiz show last night and the girl who won a fair sum of money said that she had just passed her test and wanted a car.

The ministers son had just passed his test and was discussing with his father  the use of the car. It is not a simple as it sounds because for the minister there is often the unexpected need of the car to make an unexpected visit to hospital or a home of a bereaved family. 

A deal was struck between father and son. "You work to bring your grades up." he did not set an impossible improvement but extra study would be required. The other part of the agreement was that he get a haircut. "Then we will talk about the car."

The son thought about it for a bit and the agreement was made. 

After a few weeks the minister spoke to his son. "You are doing well with the extra study son. I also noticed that you have become more regular in your bible study. Shame that you have decided as yet to keep the long hair."

The sone replied, "You know, Dad, I have been thinking about that. I have indeed been looking in the Bible more often and do you know what I have discovered?  Samson had long hair, John the Baptist had long hair, Moses had long hair, and there is a lot of evidence that Jesus also  had long hair.'

The son was feeling pretty pleased with himself he had managed to use Biblical evidence for his actions and was sure to have given his father something to think over. 

The Minister thought for a moment or two, he was impressed with his son and his use of the texts of the Bible to strengthen his argument. 

But he came up with what I am sure you will agree was a wonderful reply.

" Did you notice that they all walked everywhere they went?"

It is never wise to use the thoughts and words of others to strengthen what is really a weak argument to begin with. 

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