Wednesday, 20 July 2016


 There is a roundabout not far from where I live, it is the meeting point of four roads. I do not know what it is about this roundabout that makes people act differently on it than on all others. Yesterday I was out on my bike and as I arrived at the roundabout two cars arrived almost at the same time. One was coming from my right the other from my left. 

Now I knew that the car to my right had priority over me, but I had priority over the car coming to the roundabout from the left. The strange thing about this roundabout is that so often the car coming from my left  just continues down the hill and over the roundabout as if it was not there at all.

I have become ultra cautious at this roundabout because I have almost been knocked off my bike on a number of occasions.  Sadly it is not a route that i can avoid easily it leads out of the village and onward towards some beautiful places. 

So I have learned in this case not to jump to conclusions, not to assume the highway code will be followed. 

How I wish I could take the same lesson to all other parts of my life. I am sure like me you know people who are prone to jumping to conclusions. I know I can be very guilty of it and how often I get it wrong.  

There is a story about a policeman returning home after a hectic day.

A policeman was heading home after a long, hard day. He had dealt with a whole succession of difficult people, and a mountain of frustrating paperwork. All he wanted at this point was to kick back, unwind, enjoy some peace and quiet, and maybe watch a few  easy programmes on TV.
But, as he neared home, he was startled by a vehicle that came careening around a sharp curve and narrowly missed his car. As the car passed within a few inches of him, the other driver shouted “Pig!”
The police officer was suddenly energized. He slammed on brakes, all set to turn his  car around and head off in hot pursuit. But as he rounded the curve, … he ran head-on into a large pig that was standing in the middle of the road!
It is a lesson we can all learn. No matter how confident we are in our understanding of the issue, no matter how certain of another person reasoning or motive, we should never jump to conclusions. 

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