Sunday, 17 July 2016

It is ok.

My biggest problem in life is that I have often been guilty of putting my mouth into action without first engaging my brain. Others would be much more kindly and say that with me I call a spade a spade and not a shovel. 

One way or another over the years of my life I have often opened my mouth when it would have been much  wiser to have my thoughts and say nothing. 

It was the buddha who speaking to his student threw a people into a river  and told his student that his words and actions were just like that. The consequences of our actions and our words can ripple out and effect the lives of others. The ripples once started cannot be stopped and the consequences of our actions once started cannot be pulled back. 

My friend made a comment when I had a slow puncture on my bike tyre. He said it will be ok because it is only on one side. Of course he said it with a big grin. 

There is a story of two men sharing a boat. One of the men started to drill a hole in the boat. The other man shouted at him aghast, "Stop that at once!" The other man said in reply , "It is ok I am only doing it on my side."

The words we speak can bring healing and help or they can bring hurt and pain. There are no actions or words that do not bring with them consequences either good or bad. 

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