Monday, 4 July 2016

The Challenge.

I bought some wine from this friendly Cave' just the other day thought it might make a nice little painting.

Today i have been immersed in the place I am now staying. It is a really wonderful part of the world. Beautiful gorges and river swimming to be found all around me. Lovely little villages. Then on top of that France seems to be doing well in the football and everybody seems to be so happy.

Of course there are those you meet who are the font of all knowledge. They know where the best markets are the best this and the best of everything. There is nothing they have to learn they already know it all. I met one of those just yesterday and even though they contradicted themselves often they went ahead throwing out the challenges. I just sat quietly in the corner and continued to watch the football. Smiling to myself as I remembered the story of the man and his amazing octopus.

He took his octopus into a bar one night and challenged all the customers. My octopus is the worlds most talented musician. Give hime any musical instrument and he can play it.  The challenge is to give him an instrument he cannot play I will pay ten pounds to anybody who does. But will take ten pounds for every failure.

One person came forward with a trumpet. The octopus took it up and played it like he was Louis Armstrong. Every not crystal clear. Another person gave it a clarinet. The octopus immediately played it like Benny Goodman with the swing to match. Money was all flowing one way.

A Scotsman threw the octopus a set of bagpipes. The octopus wriggled and moved but not a note. The Scotsman said there you go you cannot play it. The octopus looked at hime, "Play it? I am going to make love to it as soon as I can get her out of her pyjamas.

Have a good day.

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