Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Grey Hairs.

yesterday I conducted the funeral of my father in law. I am sure my family is no different from all the families in that it is often only at funerals and weddings that you meet some of the members of your family. it is a shame because it is always nice to meet and see how people are getting on. 

The down side is that you also see how people have aged since the last time you saw them. As much as people say, "You are looking great," you know that you are looking older. The grey hairs are showing and the lines that were not there the last time you met.

I was thinking about this last night as I reflected on the day. I remembered the story of the young boy.

A young boy was looking intently at his mother. He all of a sudden said to her, "Mum why is it that you have some white hairs on your head?" The mother thought this was an ideal opportunity to teach  a lesson. She looked at hime and said, " Overtime you misbehave, or do not do what you are told, another grey hair appears on my head."

The young boy looked at his mother seriously and very thoughtfully. "So that is why granny has nothing but white hairs on her head!'

Have a wonderful day and do not go looking at the grey hairs and blaming me. 

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  1. How true this is, the grey hairs and lines,all part of growing older and hopefully wiser!