Thursday, 14 January 2016

What Would I Wish For?

What Would I Wish For?

Lets Hit The High Notes.

We yes, today is my birthday, but there will be no birthday wishes or blowing out of candles on a cake on fire with so many . Today will be another day in my life and I hope to be able to make at least one person feel better during the course of it.
If I was to make birthday wishes I wonder what they might be.
I could, for example, wish for my very own painting studio and gallery. Or a book written by me and a book deal. Or more people reading my blog and finding it interesting. Or I could dream even bigger than that. A chance to go and visit Nepal? Or a trip around the world?
  • If I was selfless, I’d wish for world peace or a cure for cancer or that every soul would feel happy, safe, and secure before they went to sleep.
  • If I was poor, I’d wish for enough money to sit upon so I can pursue my dreams.
  • If I was lonely, I’d wish to always be surrounded with positive, supportive friends and family.

But I already know.

I already have everything I could want and more. I may not be rich. I may not be perfect. I may not have a book or a studio and gallery.

But My Life is Good'

  • I have everything I could ever need or want in this moment. Even the seemingly bad things are good. For example…
  • If I am criticized, then I become empowered to lift myself up and inspire others to be stronger and more positive in their life.
  • If I feel poor and lacking, I am motivated to work harder while working to fill my heart instead of my pockets.
  • If I fail, I strive to be better and am even more compassionate and empathetic for those who also fail.
  • If one door closes, then my heart beats for the one that is wide open.
  • If I am rejected, then I learn how to love myself.
  • If I am envious, I learn what I need to be happy.
  • If I am disappointed, I learn to be grateful for taking risks, am empowered to try again and then know that I was on the wrong path.
  • If life throws me a curveball, I’m challenged to step up to the plate. And work harder at finding another way.
I realized that my wish this year is to embrace what I already know and be open to what I don’t know just yet.

So Happy Birthday to me!

May this year be every bit as life changing, challenging and completely and utterly as inspiring as the last.

Todays artwork I thought was kind of fitting for the day. I am aware that abstracts are for a much narrower audience , but they are my first love. I painted a number of cubist like abstracts last year. Some of the sold, as did this one, some of them did not. A much larger version of this title but with piano keys in it I still have. I enjoyed painting them and I know that some of them still bring joy to others .

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