Friday, 15 January 2016

The Magic Window

The magic Window.

Nature Returns it Beauty.

If anything happened of importance in my life yesterday apart from the realisation that I was a year older. Or my son very kindly pointing out the number of people I had outlived. It was the overwhelming sense of humility that came from the number of people who took the time to say Happy Birthday to me. I have to thank you one and all. I did make the effort to do that to each but not sure at all if I managed to keep up.

That being said , it is always very heartening to know that people care enough to make the effort. I often hear people making fun of the term friendship and Facebook, but there is no doubt whatsoever in my mind that I have made some very real friends and that friendship is greatly cherished. 

 This reminded me of a story I heard a long time ago, so long I may not in fact have all the details of the story accurate but the meaning of it will still be true.

It is the story of the young boy and the magic window. 

Once upon a time there was little boy who became very ill. The illness meant he had to spend a period of time in isolation, unable to move. Other children were not allowed to come near him, so he spent long days feeling down and miserable.

There was very little he could do except look out of the window. Time passed and his feeling of despair grew and grew. Then one day he saw a strange shape in the window. it was a penguin eating a sausage sandwich. He was sure he heard the penguin say good afternoon to him, before it turned and left. 

Of course the boy was surprised. He was trying very hard to work out what had happened, when there outside the window he saw a monkey in a nappy, busy blowing up a balloon.

At first the boy asked himself what that could possibly be, but after a while, as more and more crazy looking characters appeared at the window, he burst out laughing and could not stop.

Anyone wanting to stop laughing would never be helped by seeing a pig dancing with a tambourine, or an elephant jumping up and down as if on a trampoline, because everybody knows elephants cannot jump. Then there was a dog with a large pair of pink sunglasses.

Of course the title boy could not tell anybody about these things, they would never believe him , or think him going mad. Even so these events put joy back in his life, in his heart and in his body. Before long, his health had improved so much he was able to go home and back to school.

One day after school he went to his friends home. He had still not told anybody about the magic window. While they were talking and playing he saw something sticking out from under the bed. When he managed to persuade his friend to let him see what it was, there were all the fancy-dress suits and disguises that his friend had been using to try and cheer him up!

From that day onwards, the little boy always did his very best to make sure that no one felt sad and alone. he became a good friend to a great many and cheered the hearts of all around him.

Todays painting was done on a canvas with acrylic paint. It was a scene I saw on one of my many runs along the coastal path. it reminded me of the wonderful ability of nature to turn mans discards into things of beauty. Sadly I did not manage to create a painting that anybody ever wanted to hang in there homes and it is one that I still have laying in a corner. 

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