Friday, 22 January 2016

Things Are Not Always As They Seem.

Things Are Not Always As They Seem.

Autumn Photographer in Falkland Estate.

Just a very simple story this morning and then a few words about the art. 

It was a cold winter ad the old man who lived alone was feeling the need to keep his log fire burning. Fortunately he had a large pile of wood stored dry in his back garden. The daily task of going to his chopping block and preparing the next days logs was good for him. It gave him a task to accomplish and a opportunity to talk to the neighbours and those passing in the street. In many ways he looked forward to his time working at his block.

Each day he prepared enough logs for the following day knowing that they would protect him from the cold.

It was Wednesday and he pulled on his heavy warm pullover to begin his daily task.  He went out to the block, leaned down to pick up his axe. It was not there. Somebody had stolen it since yesterday.

At that very moment of discovering the missing axe, a young man walked passed and smiled to him saying nothing. The old man in that minute knew what had happened to his axe. This young man had stolen it! 

He spoke to his neighbour. he told her how shifty the young man had looked. it was so obvious that he was a thief. That smile , not so much a smile as a smirk had said it all. A thief for sure.

That day the old man was warm because he had the logs from the day before but he would have to go sparing until he could afford to get a new axe. Everybody he spoke to was told about the thief. The story grew and like most stories grew in its telling. Within about two days the whole area was aware of the thief and all were on their guard.

The old man was badly needing heat. he diced he would go to his wood pile and sort the wood into two bundles, small and large. Ones that might fit his fire and those that would have to wait until later. 

As he worked he was surprised. As he moved the logs into the two piles he found his axe. It had been left on the ground, some logs had fallen and covered it. 

As he picked it up, the young man who was passing smiled and asked if he could help him by cutting some wood for him.

Todays art is another in the beautiful estate of Falkland. it was painted using my iPad , ( After the style of David Hockney),. I had a discussion with my friend yesterday about using technology to produce art. In the end when I showed them the process and how it was so very similar to using a paint brush they agreed that it was not a simple task and said they were not at all surprised that I being the geek I am would embrace such methods of making art. "Not bad for an old git like me."

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