Friday, 29 January 2016

It is the Simple Little Acts

It is the Simple Little Acts


Right outside my living room window there is a little tree. It is the ideal spot to hang bird feeders, the many bushes close to the tree allows the birds shelter and a place to take the sunflower seeds I provide so that they can eat away from the hustle of the feeders. I am blessed with a variety of birds but get great pleasure from the little flock of Goldfinches. They seldom if ever come alone always around twenty. They gather on the tree next to the feeder and in turns fly down to feed. 

I get so much pleasure from those little birds and they in turn get fed by me. A simple little act that brings such high rewards.

This reminds me of a true story, one that has been well verified. It also speaks of an act of kindness where the end result far exceeded the act itself.

One night, at 11:30 pm, an older African-American woman was standing on the side of a Alabama highway trying to endure a lashing rain storm. Her car had broken down and she desperately needed a ride. Soaking wet, she decided to flag down the next car. A young white man stopped to help her - generally unheard of in those conflict-filled 1960s.

The man took her to safety, helped her get assistance and put her into a taxi cab. She seemed to be in a big hurry! She wrote down his address, thanked him and drove away.

Seven days went by and a knock came on the man's door. To his surprise, a giant combination console colour TV and stereo record player were delivered to his home. 

A special note was attached. 

The note read:

Dear Mr. James,

Thank you so much for assisting me on the highway the other night. The rain drenched not only my clothes but my spirits. Then you came along. Because of you, I was able to make it to my dying husband's bedside just before he passed away. 

God bless you for helping me and unselfishly serving others.

Mrs. Nat King Cole.

I think that tale says more than any moralising I could get from my mind. 

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  1. what a touching story. True brotherly love. And your bird is precious!