Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Getting Life Into Perspective.

Getting Life Into Perspective.

Fondly Remembered.

 Today I arose to the main news item of today being an enquiry into the death of young boy from something that could have been avoided. The mother was very upset by what had happened and even now a year later is distraught at her loss.

This is very understandable and the hope can only be that lessons will be learned and the lives of other will not be lost because the same mistakes are made again.

Those who missed the boys illness for one reason and another will never forget this young boy and the story of his passing.

Life is not always plain sailing and the effect we have on the lives of others can not always be known.

The painting of the man above is of a man who will be known to those readers who hail from my birthplace. He was a quiet unassuming man who came into my life one night and change the course and the pattern of all the years that have come and gone since. 

We are often unaware of the influence we are having and it is wise to now and again stop and take stock of the things we say and the things we do.

Who of us knows what each day will bring we can but hope that the way we have set out our stall has prepared us for the toils of the day. 

A rich man asked the master to write something wise for the continued prosperity of his family so that it might be treasured from generation to generation.

The master pondered, obtained a large sheet of paper and in his very best script wrote, " father dies, son dies, grandson dies."

The rich man read it and became very very angry. "I asked you to write something for the happiness of my family! Why do you make such a joke as this?"

"No joke is intended," explained the master. "If before you yourself die your sone should die, this will grieve you greatly. If your grandchild should pass away before your son, both of you would be heart broken. 

If your family, generation after generation, passes away in the order I have written it will be the natural course of life. I would call this real prosperity."

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  1. I like him better than any of your people paintings. He has such feeling in his face.