Sunday, 31 January 2016

A Hug

A Hug.

The Gift

This was one of my earliest attempts at painting hands, always a very difficult thing to get right. I used pastel and tried to paint my own hands making use of the pastel coving them to help with the highlights. 

Having painted them I called this painting the gift. The hands are open in a sense of giving and friendship. Maybe I should have made them even more open and added some of the arms and called it the hug, it would i think have said more about what I was trying to convey.

A hug is marvellous thing, even though coming from my early background it took me a very long time to be convinced of the truth of this. Shows of affection never came easy to me and hugs offered were always difficult. My wonderful Gran who I had so much feeling for was aware of this and hugs were maybe not frequent but when offered were always just at the right time.

A Hug

It is amazing what a hug can do.
It can cheer you when your down and blue.
It can say, "I love you so."
Or simply say, " It's sad to see you go."

It can say, "Welcome Back."
Lets get this friendship back on track.
A hug can soothe each persons pain
and bring the rainbow after rain.

A Hug. Is marvellous there is no doubt about it.
It is hard to imagine life without it.
It needs no words so speaks to all,
appropriate in winter spring and fall.

A hug delights, it warms , it charms,
It must indeed be why we have arms,
To reach and embrace and hold you tight
To see your through a frightening night.

No need to worry about giving them away.
Theres more and more for another day.
So stretch your arms
and without delay
Give someone near a hug today.

Way back in my past I heard a poem somewhere along these lines. I could not find it written anywhere so my apologies for this my rather poor attempt at this poem of my own. Whether the poem is good or bad the thoughts conveyed are true each day.

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