Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Time and time.

Even in the darkest moments.

I was listening to some of my favourite music from the far and distant past. One that struck me for some reason was the one about for everything there is a season. it was based on a well known biblical quotation but it was well done and very simple.

It got me thinking as I wandered round the golf course on my own. Might I add I was on my own by choice. I really just wanted no pressure and to have a few good shots.

Halfway round the course there is a notice that informs you that if you are playing to time it should take one hour and fifty minutes to each that point.  I was well on schedule.

Time! Do we ever give enough thought to it?

To realise the value of ten years:
 Ask a cancer survivor, and their spouse, and their kids and grand-kids.
To realise the value of four years:
Ask a smiling college graduate with their new degree. Or look at pictures of somebody on graduation day.
To realise the value of one year:
Ask the parents of a baby on his/her first birthday. How fast it has gone.
 To realise the value of one week:
 Ask an editor of a weekly newspaper.
To realise the value of one day:
Ask a man / woman who has been sober for a first day after years of addiction. 
To realise the value of one minute:
 Ask the father who got the last seat on the plane to make it to watch his child play a part in the school play.
To realise the value of one-second:
Ask the pilot who ejected just before the plane crashed.
Time waits for nobody. Seize the moment and spend it with somebody precious.
Have a marvellous day.

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