Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Anybody for a trade.

Moving from one site to another can be a tiring business. Yesterdays move involved five hours of driving, the last part looking for the site down narrow roads and lanes. The of course we might have made all of this journey only to find out that they had no vacant pitches.

All was in the end well, they had some pitches. In fact they had more than one with meant that there was a selection to be made. Could we agree about priorities/

My wife wants a flat pitch I want one where I can get wifi and possibly a satellite connection. All a matter of choice.

Of course it can get problematic, but then so can life. After a few initial disagreements, when I am already feeling like giving up the ghost after the drive, we get settled only to find that the nearest shop is miles away and not really within cycling distance so we have to depart the site to go to the store.

A sales woman was driving home on a miserable wet night when she sees an old lady waiting at the roadside. She was laden down with shopping.

Being a kindly person the sales lady stops the car and invites the old lady to join her. During their small talk, the old lady glances surreptitiously at the brown paper bag on the front seat between them 

"If you are wondering what is in the bag," offers the sales lady, "It is a bottle of wine. I got it for my husband."

The old ladies silent for a while. She then nods several times, and says, " A very good deal."

My wife loves a nice cold bottle of wine if there is anybody willing to do a trade. 

Have a wonderful day.

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