Thursday, 6 July 2017

All over in a flash.

The big event in France just now has nothing to do with Wimbledon or Brexit, it is all about the Le Tour. The Tour de France. 

Yesterday I cycled the 20 miles from where I am to Troyes where tomorrows stage will end. When I was there the place with a buzz with the excitement. A car pulled up beside me and the driver, a lady shouted out to me you are a day early. I had my bike and my cycling gear so she was having fun. Later the post lady also had a bit of a go at me, all good humour.

The security on the site has been stepped up, we now have to wear bracelets to show that we have the right to be on the site. 

I bought a tour top and hope to watch as it passes the bottom of the road at the campsite. The yellow jersey will be worn by a rider from the British team Sky.

Will I see it? Possibly but it will all happen in the blink of an eye, they will arrive and pass and it will take only moments. But there will be great excitement and much cheering and joy.

Husband arrived home to discover his wife at the cooker in the kitchen. He watched as she dropped four eggs into the pot. She then turned to him and said, " Oh great your are home. Make love to me right now and right here." 

He was surprised but happy and did as was asked. After the love making was over he turned to her and said, " So you found me irresistible? Just could not keep your passion for me in check."

"Oh no, " she said, "The egg timer has broken."

Now there is a lot of exaggeration in this tale because an egg timer take three minutes. 

My apologies, and yes I know it is not PC but hey it is the day I will see the Tour de France. Have a marvellous day. 

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