Saturday, 8 July 2017

Make the best of the moment.

The other day there I watched the Tour De France as it passed along the bottom of the road passed the  campsite. It sounds simple you go downing you watch as they cycle passed. 

Not really as simple though. People start gathering in the early morning. They select a viewing spot and set up with chairs and picnics, some  sitting there from ten am. in the morning when  the cyclists are not due until almost 5pm. 

Having the campsite close at hand meant that we could go back to the van, away from the noise and the bustle. 

We ended up sitting next to a couple from Germany and as is my way we got chatting. She was a bright and cheerful person and he was quiet and a bit more reserved.  As the day progressed we got to learn more about them as they did us, and it became a very pleasant happinchance.

One thing I was not aware of having only ever watched the tour on television was that before the cyclists there arrives what is called the caravan. A long procession of decorated lorries and vans from each of the sponsors.  They were throwing little freebies, like hats and bags etc. Those who knew were ready to make sure they got some the rest of us watched on and if anything landed at our feet then that was a bonus.

It was at this stage that I noticed the lady of the couple was having difficulties getting up and down from her seat and certainly was making no effort to grasp any of the free gifts.

I asked if she was ok. She then went on to explain to me that she was suffering from a muscle wasting disease. Still in a very positive tone she told me she had been told she had only two years to live at the very outside three.

Kind of made the free gifts seem pointless. 

We watched as the cycle race flew past at such a speed I could feel the air almost pulling me off my feet. 

In moments it was all over and they were gone. We said our farewells not making empty gestures about meeting again. I left feeling honoured I had met somebody who was facing a terrible future but living every moment that she had.

I thanked her for our day with them and we parted but more than ever I know how each day and moment is precious and should not be frittered away or wasted but cherished. 

Have a marvellous day.

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