Sunday, 2 July 2017

Flowers foxes and grapes.

As I walked yesterday I saw nature in its many guises. As I wandered along a country track right beside me a red kite took flight from just having caught his food along the edge of a field among some ferns. I could almost have reached out and touched as he left the ground.

Not long after I saw a fox bark cover and make a dash across the field and into the woods on the far side. Again he was very close. 

A few miles further on at the side of an old broken wall I caught sight of some wild sunflowers. The old wall detracted from there beauty but I could not resist constructing the paining I have included for today, of course missing the grubby wall.

Having left that path and taken to another I passed a little field that had once been a little plot of vines. No longer tended, I wondered why, they had taken over and become wild. There were still many bunches of growing grapes that would ripen and probably never be gathered and left to nature and the birds.

There is an ancient tale about a fox and some ripe red grapes.

The fox as it passed along looked up and saw hanging above his head bunches of beautiful ripe red grapes. Thinking they looked delicious he decided to try and reach some of them and savour the taste.

He jumped as high as he could, but failed to reach even the lowest of the bunches. He took a few steps back and after a short run made another attempt, again he missed but was closer on this try. 

He moved back even further and after a speedy spurt of energy jumped again, this time he touched the lower bunch but failed to grasp it. One final try and with losing energy failed by a long way. 

He decided it was useless he was never going to reach them so gave up.

As he walked away he muttered to himself, "They were probably sour anyway."

How often we make that which we cannot achieve less then they are. We put things down or decry them not because we know they are bad but simply because we cannot have them or achieve them.

The grapes were probably very delicious.

Have a wonderful day rejoicing in what we have rather then be jealous of what we do not. 

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  1. Definitely sounds like sour grapes to me :)