Thursday, 11 February 2016

At Rest.

In a walk yesterday morning lasting about an hour and a half I witnessed three times a scene of anger and impatience. 

Now you might think that is not too bad! But let me describe the walk and mention the instances. 

I left the house to walk out of the village, this meant walking past the church and the village store, and out of the village. This is about half a mile nothing more. The first instance happened at the village store. A shopper had got into a car and was indicating to pull out. Trouble was she was not pulling out fast enough for the person who wanted to take the parking spot. Now that might sound fair enough apart from the fact that there was space for at least four cars outside the shop but this person wanted the one right at the door. Eventually he got parked jumped out of his car leaving the engine running came back out with a pack of cigarettes and drove off. All of this in the time it took me to approach the store and walk past. 

The second happened on the country road outside the village. The lorry that brushes along the edge of the roads to keep the road from filling with debris that might cause the road to flood was coming towards me. He was taking his time and making a good job. Three times drivers expressed their annoyance at being slowed down. 

The last instance was when I was walking through the woodland part of the walk. Two people walking their dogs for some reason got annoyed with each other because the path between the trees was narrow and they had to pass in single file. I thought they might have stopped and chatted, as I probably would have done but they were obviously both in a great hurry. 

I remember somebody trying to explain the speed of light to a group of students.  He contended that people would better understand the speed of light if it were broken down into smaller increments.
Traditionally it has been taught that light travels 186 million miles per second. He feels that people could more easily relate to light traveling 10.8 inches per nanosecond, which is approximately one-billionth of a second.
One of the students asked him, "How can you comprehend one-billionth of a second?'
He replied  "If you still have trouble relating to the speed of light in terms of nanoseconds, just think of the time it takes for the car behind you to honk its horn after the light turns green. 
That's a nanosecond!"
We are all in such a hurry to get places or to do things we might just be hurrying on the time when we reach our destination, I mean the final destination. 
If life is so busy it is a constant hurry and a constant stress, then there is nothing surer than that it is too fast.

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