Thursday, 17 December 2015

The Dog That Chases His Tail.

The Dog That Chased its Tail.

A Thoughtful Dog.

 I do not know what I achieved yesterday, if anything. It was one of those days where I seemed to spend a lot of time doing things but at the end of the day There was very little to show for all my doing. I in fact spent all day chasing my tail and getting nowhere. 
There is a very short little story about a dog that did the same.

The Dog That Chased his Tail

Once there was a puppy chasing its tail. It just chased and chased it.
An older wiser dog came along and watched this puppy  for a long time. Then he asked the puppy, “Puppy, why do you chase your tail?”
The puppy replied, “Because I will find happiness in my tail.”
The old dog watched again for a while before saying, “I, too, used to chase my tail because I thought I would find happiness there. But I realized that I didn’t need to chase my tail for wherever I went it seemed to follow.”
And the old dog got up and walked away with his tail whishing behind.

Maybe sometimes the pursuit of happiness is something that we need to stop doing and in the process find,  Happiness


  1. A simple story with a strong message :)

  2. A simple story with a strong message :)

  3. Oh my dog! i love dog art...very nice image, Ralph.