Friday, 18 December 2015

The Death Of Bankei

The Death of Bankie

An Atmospheric Abstract.

Overheard a small part of a conversation yesterday as I awaited to get on my bus. I heard one person say to another the well known phrase, "You must never speak ill of the dead."
My first reaction was to agree totally but as I boarded the bus I found myself thinking about that again. Why should we recreate the history of a person? Should we not speak honestly of a person alive or dead?
This reminded me of the story of the person who had died.
The Death Of Bankei.

After Bankei had passed away, a blind man who lived near the master’s temple told a friend:
“Since I am blind, I cannot watch a person’s face, so I must judge his character by the sound of his voice. Ordinarily when I hear someone congratulate another upon his happiness or success, I also hear a secret tone of envy. When condolence is expressed for the misfortune of another, I hear pleasure and satisfaction, as if the one condoling was really glad there was something left to gain in his own world.
“In all my experience, however, Bankei’s voice was always sincere. Whenever he expressed happiness, I heard nothing but happiness, and whenever he expressed sorrow, sorrow was all I heard.”
How I hope that people speak fondly of me, now or even after my passing.
Sorry if this sounds a bit sad, especially at this time of the year. On a very happy note! Yesterday I met with my friends. While we were sitting talking somebody came over to speak with me. He had come just to meet me and to purchase one of my paintings that was hanging in the place of meeting. What a pleasant surprise. he told me he and his wife fell in love with the painting on first sight. 

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